"By educating a mother, you educate a family"

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Our multi-award winning program supports pregnant girls and young mothers in a safe, non-judgemental environment with individual support plans developed by trained case managers. Each girl will be given the opportunity to develop lifeskills, parenting, self-worth, healthy relationships, pre & post birth plans and physical & emotional well-being. In parternship with Education Queensland, the University of the Sunshine Coast, Horizon 2 and Demi International Beauty Academy, girls will be able to re-engage with learning pathways towards certified outcomes. All girls are given the opportunity to develop their mothering skills through access to a variety of experts involved in maternity services, breastfeeding, child health and Child & Youth Mental Health Services (C.Y.M.H.S). All participants are individually matched with carefully selected and trained mentors.

Our Team

Dedicated to empowering pregnant girls and young mums through support & education to gain independence.
Jacqui Deane
Educator, Mother and Mentor Jacqui Deane is dedicated to supporting young mums and pregnant teenagers and founded STEMM 8 years ago. Jacqui was a teacher at Burnside High School before embarking on a journey that would give hope and change lives..
Janelle Logan
Co-Ordinator of Programs
Janelle Logan is a qualified teacher and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join the STEMM program to help empower young women to reach their potential.
Renee Day
Key Support Teacher
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Carolyn Twiggs & Natalie Hart
Counsellor and Social Worker
Carolyn is a Counsellor & has over 15 years experience both here & abroad. She offers one-to-one & group support to STEMM clients in a safe, non-judgemental, confidential environment, free from discrimination. Natalie is a social worker who specializes in youth work and enpowering young women. Her work focuses upon support, engagement & connection to enhance independence.

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